Venison Processing

Please call 802-442-6856 to order. 

All product is made with added pork and spices. Prices are per pound on total weight (venison, pork and spices). In some cases, total weigh could increase as much as two times the venison weight due to added ingredients.  All products are vacuum sealed and labeled.


Fresh Products 10 lb. minimum per item

Sweet & Hot Italian $4.99 / lb
Kielbasa $4.99 / lb
Breakfast Sausage (Original or Maple) $4.99 / lb
Bratwurst $4.99 / lb
Cheddarwurst $4.99 / lb
Beerwurst $4.99 / lb
Chorizo $4.99 / lb
Pepper & Onion $4.99 / lb
Garlic & Basil $4.99 / lb
Add Cheese (Cheddar, Blue or Mozzarella) $0.80 / lb

Smoked Products 20 lb. minimum per item

Kielbasa $5.99 / lb
Chorizo $5.99 / lb
Andouille $5.99 / lb
Beerwurst $5.99 / lb
Pepperoni (Hot or Mild) $5.99 / lb
Hot Dogs $6.99 / lb
Jalapeno Summer Sausage $5.99 / lb
Knockwurst $5.99 / lb
Bologna $5.99 / lb

Snack Sticks 20 lb. minimum per item

Choose from:  BBQ, Texas Hot, Mild, Garlic & Basil, Honey BBQ, Jalapeno, Pepperoni, Sweet Maple Bourbon or Bourbon Peppercorn $6.49 / lb
Add Cheese (Cheddar, Blue or Mozzarella) $0.80 / lb
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